Ladies First

The trajectory of women onscreen has often acted as a catalyst for change in the real world. With Ladies First, we’re tracing the legacy that women in Hollywood have left on history.

    Ladies First


      Ladies First

      Check out how the reel world has impacted the real world with this interactive timeline that traces the legacy that women in Hollywood have left on history.

      Introducing Ladies First: 13 Decades Of Women Saving Hollywood From Itself

      From Maude having an abortion pre-Roe v. Wade to Wonder Woman revealing a secret matriarchal world, women on film have been way ahead of the curve fighting for change for more than a century. With Ladies First, we’re tracing the often-forgotten legacy that these leading ladies left on history.

      The Hays Code Made Hollywood Hell On Earth For Women

      Now, movies can reflect reality — or not. They can be fantasy, and real, and art. But it’s taken Hollywood 90 years to get back to pre-Code ethos. Surely, Mae West would have a lot to say to Hustlers’ Ramona.

      The Most Underrated Movies You Should Be Watching, According To 10 Women In Hollywood

      Refinery29 asked directors, actresses, writers, and costume designers in attendance to share some of their favorite woman-directed films. From Daughters of the Dust to Booksmart, add these under-appreciated gems to your queue ASAP.

      How Red Lipstick Changed Lost Girls Into Leading Ladies

      For centuries, red lipstick has been both a tool for creative expression as well as a weapon of feminine power.

      It Took Almost 50 Years, But TV Is Finally Getting Abortion Stories (Mostly) Right

      In the past 10 years, portrayals of abortion onscreen have become more common, more medically accurate, and more diverse. Yet there’s a long way to go to reflect the true reality of abortion in the U.S.

      From Donna Reed To Midge Maisel: Television's Complicated Relationship With The Perfect Mother

      Growing up, I watched a lot of TV. Like, a lot. My mom and I were never very close, and while she didn’t work, she wasn’t exactly in love with being a full-time mom, either. I didn’t have any siblings; there weren’t a lot of kids in my neighborhood; and you can only hit a tennis ball against your garage door so many times. So: TV.