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The Way We Eat

How did you learn to cook? How did you develop your own tastes and preferences in food? I bet there were at least one or two people involved — like a roommate or your mom, showing you how to make biscuits or how to use a Crock-Pot for the first time. We learn from watching other people and how they cook. But cooking isn’t just about how to make a recipe — it’s also a whole set of choices we make every day about what to buy at the grocery store, how to store and use up food, and how to balance the realities of time and health against convenience and budget. Eating is fun, complex, joyful, and sometimes hard. We’re fascinated by how people make those decisions, and we are always learning. To learn from others and see how they do it, today we’re launching a new series at Kitchn called #TheWayWeEat: Personal stories about how people like you shop, cook, struggle, succeed, and love the life they live with their food. 🍽 Every week we’ll share a new profile with you — people all over the country, with diverse ways of eating, from vegan to omnivore, and farmers to teachers to lawyers to artists. We’ll visit immigrant kitchens and kitchens of people who live on a radical budget. We’ll talk to people with kids and people who live solo. We’ll take you inside kitchens of all sizes, and talk to people we hope you see yourself in. Listening to how people eat is fascinating and also teaches us new approaches and inspires us with new ideas. The way they eat may also become the way you eat. (And please, share your own stories with us using #TheWayWeEat). 🍽 Welcome to The Way We Eat, because in the end, there’s nothing more important than sitting down to eat — together. –@faithdurand, Kitchn editor-in-chief